Fueling care in times of crisis

Frontline Foods ATL is making the connection between our frontline medical workers and the restaurant industry. With your support, we can help keep our Atlanta restaurants going while providing healthy meals for hard-working doctors and nurses. Donate today to keep the meals coming!


$50 feeds a team of 3
$100 feeds a team of 6
$500 feeds a small ER/ICU department
$1,000 feeds a large ER/ICU department
$5,000 provides a daily meal for about 50 clinicians for one week

Not to mention keeping Atlanta restaurant workers employed! And don’t forget, donations are 100% tax deductible. Get involved!

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All donations go directly to restaurants feeding the frontline. Donate to your local community or support the cause at the national level.

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Feed the Frontline

If you’re a restaurant, our team will work with you to arrange meals for local delivery sites and other frontline workers—paid for by Frontline Foods.

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Nourish Your Team

If you’re working on the frontlines, sign up with Frontline Foods to fuel your team’s fight against crises such as COVID-19.

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Join the Movement

Don’t see a chapter in your community? We can help you bring the mission to your local restaurants and frontline workers.