Feeding Indy's healthcare heroes, while supporting local restaurants

Help us support local hospital clinicians, nurses, and frontline workers who are working in wartime-like conditions AND support Indy's restaurants who have been impacted by the COVID crisis.

100% of your donations go to local restaurants who will make and deliver meals to hospitals in Indianapolis!

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100% of your donations will go directly to local restaurants who are delivering meals to hospital staff. If you are a corporate donor and would like social media recognition for your sponsorship, please email us at

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Feed the Frontline

Our team will coordinate with you to arrange paid catering orders for participating hospitals.

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Nourish Your Team

Get restaurant meals for your department prepared according to clinician-specified requirements.

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Participating Restaurants

Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe

Daredevil Hall

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

Jacquie's Cafe and Gourmet Catering

MCL Restaurant and Bakery

Nameless Catering

Root & Bone - Indianapolis

Smee's Place


Taste Restaurant at Lucky Lou

Tinker Street Restaurant

Feeding Frontline Workers at

IU Health

Riverview Health

Community Health Network

Franciscan Health

St. Vincent Hospital


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Will my donation be tax-deductible? 

Yes! World Central Kitchen is a registered 501(c)(3). They will collect donations on our behalf in an account specifically designated for Indy. 


Does Frontline Foods keep any of my donations?

No. We are 100% volunteer-run.


Can I designate my donation to pay for a meal from a specific restaurant, or to benefit a specific Indianapolis hospital?

No. To be as efficient as possible, we aren’t able to do this. But we can assure you that 100% of your money is used to support local Indy restaurants and Indy healthcare workers. 


My company offers a gift match benefit. How do I make sure my matching funds go to Indianapolis? 

Matching gifts should be sent to World Central Kitchen and should reference “For credit to the Frontline Foods INDIANAPOLIS account”. Please note that corporate matching dollars often take three or more months to pay out. This is a fast-moving situation—if corporate match dollars arrive after the COVID crisis has eased up, the funds will be used to support the national Frontline Foods network to prepare for future crisis response efforts.


How are restaurants selected to participate? 

Since launching on April 4th, we've heard from many restaurants and catering businesses who are eager to help. Our goal is to work with as many of you as our funding allows. 




How are restaurants selected to participate? 

Since launching on April 4th, we've heard from many restaurants and catering businesses who are eager to help. Our goal is to work with as many of you as our funding allows. 


Are you reaching out to women and minority owned businesses? 

Yes! We are eager to bring resources to women and minority owned businesses. We’re intentionally working to get the word out to these communities, but we can’t do it alone. Please share, post, and forward this site to as many restaurants as you can.




How do you pick which hospitals to work with? 

We are in the process of coordinating a pilot hospital. We’re eager to work with any hospital in the Greater Indianapolis area that is being impacted by the COVID crisis. If you’re affiliated with IU Health, Community, Indy VA, Franciscan Health, St. Vincent or any of our other regional hospitals and would like to bring our program to your facility, please let us know.


Who counts as “frontline” staff?

We’re focused on serving meals to hospital staff most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Usually that means the doctors, nurses, CNAs, techs, and custodial staff in the Emergency Department or ICU. But COVID-19 has put our entire hospital system under tremendous stress, and our caregivers' lives have become extremely complex, even if they don’t directly care for patients suffering from COVID-19. So as we grow, we’d like to provide meals to as many caregivers and support staff as we can.

Join the Movement

Don’t see a chapter in your community? We can help you bring the mission to your local restaurants and frontline workers.