Fuel the fight against COVID-19

Our army of volunteers raises funds from the community to support local restaurants and feed heroes working on the frontlines.

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All donations go directly to restaurants feeding the frontline. Donate to your local community or support the cause at the national level.

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Feed the Frontline

If you’re a restaurant, our team will work with you to arrange meals for local delivery sites and other frontline workers—paid for by Frontline Foods.

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Nourish Your Team

Other medical professionals who would like to be included in the delivery should contact

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We feed healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.

By purchasing meals through Feed the Frontlines 916, you will help fuel the extraordinary efforts of Sacramento’s healthcare workers while also supporting our local restaurants and their employees.  With your support, we hope to see the other side of this crisis

Your money goes directly to restaurants serving hospital workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down many of our local restaurants while healthcare professionals continue to work on the frontlines to keep us all safe. Sponsored by your generosity, Feed the Frontlines 916, supports Sacramento restaurants in the neighborhood of the hospitals by creating opportunities for their employees to prepare and distribute free meals for hospital workers around our city.  We hope you will join us in this effort to keep Sacramento healthy and well-fed.

Contributions go directly to local restaurants feeding frontline workers.

Our team of volunteers takes no administrative fees. Initial contributions will be directed to University of California Davis Medical Center, Sutter Medical Center, Mercy Medical Center and the physician offices supporting the hospitals. We hope to extend to other hospitals in Sacramento with additional contributions.


Join the Movement

Don’t see a chapter in your community? We can help you bring the mission to your local restaurants and frontline workers.