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Our corporate partners have been instrumental in helping us bring more support to restaurants and workers on the frontlines of local crises.

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Ways to partner


Donations and Matching

Contribute to a specific community, or support at the national level through direct donations or donation matching.


Employee Time and Support

Sponsor employees to dedicate their time and skills. Our army of volunteers are the lifeblood of our movement.


Endorsements and Media

Help grow awareness for Frontline Foods by endorsing our mission through your networks, channels, and audience.

"Frontline Foods aligns very well with one of our central beliefs: that we can always make the world better. The genesis of the program itself was such an amazing grassroots effort, the spirit of which came through as we worked with Frontline Foods to orchestrate a plan that satisfied everyone involved."
— Anders Porter, VP Communications, fairlife

Partners in the fight

Frontline Foods is grateful for our official partners who are helping us fuel the fight against national and local crises.


fairlife contributed in more ways than one. Not only did they sponsor 7 of their employees to work directly on key initiatives, bringing much needed skill sets and expertise, but they also donated $100,000 to the cause, resulting in more than 5,000 meals for frontline workers. They shared their process on Medium.


In honor of the 85th anniversary of the NFL Draft, FanDuel Group generously committed $85,000 in donations to Frontline Foods. In addition, they are also donating $1 to Frontline Foods and other COVID-19 response organizations for every player who enters the 10k Predict the Draft - Fuel the Frontline contest resulting in a total donation of $135,000.

Stacy and Witbeck

Stacy and Witbeck is a leader in the heavy civil construction industry, specializing in transit infrastructure. They acknowledge that many businesses in the communities where they work have been severely impacted by this COVID-19 crisis, and they see the struggles that the front-line medical and hospital employees endure every day. To show their support and gratitude, they have generously donated $100,000 to 10 areas in which they work and live. Those areas include: Portland, Seattle, Sonoma/Marin, Phoenix, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver and Ft. Lauderdale. Their contribution allowed Frontline Foods to support numerous restaurants and provide more than 5,000 healthy meals to the heroes working on the frontline.

Bob's Watches

“Frontline Foods mirrors our philosophy by working with local restaurants across the world providing safe and nourishing meals directly to the frontline heroes of healthcare fighting the battle against Coronavirus. We are proud to engage our audience with such an essential link in the chain to lockdown this pandemic.”

Paul Altieri, CEO and Founder of Bob’s Watches

Morning Brew

Morning Brew hosted an online poker tournament in support of Frontline Foods, Chipping in for COVID. With dozens of celebrity players like Nate Silver, Stewart Butterfield, Jen Rubio, and Phil Hellmuth, the two-day fundraiser had nearly 1,000 participants and raised over $200,000 for our heroes on the frontlines.

Speedy Cash

In early April, Speedy Cash's CEO wanted to find a way to help our local communities during this pandemic, and he specifically wanted to provide meals for those most effected – our healthcare workers. Speedy Cash’s first team call was on April 7th and by April 10th, just 3 days later, we had 13 restaurants signed up and made our first delivery!  Speedy Cash has generously committed $300,000 to Frontline Foods which has allowed the team to start up the Wichita chapter and support other chapters.

Fast Enterprises

Fast Enterprises stepped up to the plate and generously donated $200,000 to support the Denver community. Their contribution allowed Frontline Foods to support over 20 locally owned restaurants and provide more than 16,000 healthy meals to the heroes working on the frontline. 

Sovos Brands

"We are incredibly inspired by Frontline Foods' mission to feed frontline workers while supporting local restaurants as it falls closely in line with our values, and our vision of providing delicious food for joyful living. Furthermore, the story of how Frontline Foods sprung to action within a matter of weeks truly exhibits the kind of leadership that we celebrate at Sovos Brands.”

– Lisa O’Driscoll, Chief People Officer, Sovos Brands

Advent International

The Advent International team sprung into action at the very beginning of the crisis and was one of the first corporate sponsors to come to the aid of Frontline Foods. They were passionate about healthcare heroes and were looking for “shovel ready” projects that could put money back into their NYC community. Their financial support allowed the NYC chapter to significantly level up their operations in the early days of the crisis unfolding.


We were thrilled to partner with Frontline Foods for our Hero Tee campaign, knowing that our contributions would support frontline workers who have shown true heroism in these unprecedented times. 

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