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Fuel the fight against COVID-19

Our army of volunteers raises funds from the community to support local restaurants and feed heroes working on the frontlines.
Let's keep MN strong and work together.

We have pivoted our mission to also include frontline people in need who are helping rebuild our community during this challenging time.

$50- feeds a team of 3-5
$100- feeds a team of 5-10
$500- feeds a small ICU/ER/ frontline Dept
$1000- feeds a large ICU/ER/frontline Unit
$5000- feeds 50 clinicians/frontline workers for 1 week

Please contact us directly about donations greater than $10,000

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All donations go directly to restaurants feeding the frontline. Donate to your local community or support the cause at the national level.

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Feed the Frontline

If you’re a restaurant, our team will work with you to arrange meals for local delivery sites and other frontline workers—paid for by Frontline Foods.

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Nourish Your Team

If you’re working on the frontlines, sign up with Frontline Foods to fuel your team’s fight against crises such as COVID-19.

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Participating Restaurants

Afro deli and grill



Frescos Foods & catering by Dani

Hot Indian

House of Gristle

Nico’s Tacos

Sabbai Cuisine

Taqueria & Birreria Las Cuatro Milpas LLC

The Lookout Bar and Grill

The Naughty Greek

Thigh Times Birdhouse

Feeding Frontline Workers at

Clean Up Crews- Neighborhood Rebuilding

HCMC East Lake

M Health Fairview University Care management Team

Maple Grove Hospital

MHealth Fairview Southdale

MHealth Fairview U of M- Clinics & Surgery Center

Minnesota Community Care

Native American Community Clinic

People’s Center Clinics & Services


Will my donation be tax-deductible? 
Yes! World Central Kitchen is a registered 501(c)(3). They will collect donations on our behalf in an account specifically designated for the Twin Cities Metro Area. 


Does Frontline Foods keep any of my donations?
No. We are 100% volunteer-run.


Can I designate my donation to pay for a meal from a specific restaurant, or to benefit a specific Minneapolis/ St. Paul/ Twin Cities frontline site?
No. To be as efficient as possible, we aren’t able to do this. But we can assure you that 100% of your money is used to support local Twin Cities Metro Area restaurants and Twin Cities Metro Area frontline people. 


My company offers a gift match benefit. How do I make sure my matching funds go to Twin Cities Chapter? 
Matching gifts should be sent to World Central Kitchen and should reference “For credit to the Frontline Foods TWIN CITIES account”. Please note that corporate matching dollars often take three or more months to pay out. This is a fast-moving situation—if corporate match dollars arrive after the COVID crisis has eased up, the funds will be used to support the national Frontline Foods network to prepare for future crisis response efforts. 


I've seen a lot of GoFundMe pages and other efforts in the Twin Cities- are you working together or are those separate?

We are trying to coordinate our efforts with these initiatives already in place so we can support (not compete with) existing groups. There's already so much great work going on! We've connected with many groups about providing additional coverage, helping out where they need and supplying those that haven't been supported yet (MN Hero Snack Pack, Feeding the Frontline MN, Meals for Medics, Feed a Nurse MN, Hearts & Hogs for Heroes, and more).



How are restaurants selected to participate? 

Since launching, we've heard from many restaurants and catering businesses who are eager to help. Our goal is to work with as many of you as our funding allows.


Are you reaching out to women and minority-owned businesses?

Yes! We are eager to bring resources to women and minority-owned businesses. We’re intentionally working to get the word out to these communities, but we can’t do it alone. Please share, post, and forward this site to as many restaurants as you can.

Join the Movement

Don’t see a chapter in your community? We can help you bring the mission to your local restaurants and frontline workers.